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Asus K52N


This is a user submitted page about the ins and outs of the Asus K52N. Here users can provide details about their experiences with this laptop and to provide helpful tips to others. Also available is the discussion section below which can be used to ask questions about the Asus K52N.

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For full specifications see the Asus K52N specifications page.

NameAsus K52N
ProcessorAMD Phenom™ II Quad-Core Processor P920 1.6GHZ/2M
AMD Phenom™ II Triple-Core Processor N830, 2.1 GHz
AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology Processor P520, 2.3 GHz
AMD Athlon™ II Dual-Core processor P320, 2.1 GHz
AMD V Series processor V120, 2.2 GHz
Screen15.6“ (1366×768) Widescreen
RAMUp to 8GB
HDD250GB to 640GB
Optical DriveDVD+-RW
GraphicsATI Mobility™ Radeon® HD 4250
Network10/100/1000 Ethernet
802.11 b/g/n or 802.11b/g

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stephen braithwaite, 2012/10/22 03:59

Hard drive crashed

braithwa, 2011/03/31 11:30

According to the ASUS manual, one of the first things I should do is to create a recovery disk. As soon as the machine is started a window pops strongly recommending that recovery disks are created, and this same software invites one to immediately begin to create them. This makes sense, since no the original Microsoft installation disks were not provided.

The software takes quite a long time to create the images to burn, and then attempts to burn 4 DVDs, onto DVD one at a time. It attempts to read in each one and validate it before it will attempt to write the next DVD.

Before any software was added to the machine, I allowed the above mentioned software to create the recovery disks. It often succeeds in creating disk #1. But then fails to successfully create disk #2. I once succeeded in creating the second disk, after several failures, but in this case could not make it create the third disk.
In order to prove that it is the burner and not the DVDs, I have tried using two different brands of DVD to burn. The original ones were Verbatum, and the second brand was Memorex.

Typically when validating the disk, the software gets almost to the end of the validation, attempting to read the last part of the image that it has just written. It to pauses for a long time at that point. One can assume that it is attempting in vain to re-read those blocks that it cannot read. Eventually it gives up, claiming that the disks have errors and will need to be re-burnt.

Two days after my purchase, I spent approx 4 hours in the purchasing
store in order to prove that there was a problem. I the end I succeeded
in convincing the technical staff in the store, and they phoned ASUS to
authorise a replacement machine.

ASUS claimed that it was a software fault, because the software
erroneously attempted to burn the disks at the minimum of the maximum
speed of the burner and the maximum speed of the disks. Had the
recovery disk software burnt at a slower speed, they insisted, the disks
would have burned OK. It was therefore as software problem as opposed
to a hardware problem, and they were therefore not obliged to replace
the machine. Instead, they offered to send me recovery disks (which so
far have not arrived).

I probably could have fought this and won, but I have the rest of my
life to get on with, and it cant wait any longer, so I have given up.
The burning software, unlike the recover disk software, allows me to
select the burning speed, and I can burn DVDs at slower speeds.

Stephen Braithwaite, 2011/08/27 06:30

Had the machine in under warranty to get the wireless LAN fixed.

braithwa, 2011/03/22 02:18

Just purchased a new ASUS K52N Notebook computer. The first thing that it asks you to is to create backup disks. Mine does not succeed in this, but gets “disk validation errors.” So far, the store has told me to take this to ASUS service, and ASUS service has told me to take it to the store. I shall update this post as this unfolds.

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